We are Laughter in the Rain (LR), your handmade slow fashion label that creates timeless outwear and accessories, hats and bags, of the highest quality.

LR is a Zero Waste, sustainable brand – our ethical business model blends ecological integrity with fairness to all persons involved in our products, which are designed and lovingly handmade in our London studio.

We are trying our best to be as much gentle to the planet as we can.

Environmental commitments


Long-lasting design

To minimise our impact on the planet we choose a circular production, our Made to Order Only system helps us to not generate unwanted items, that will end in landfill, we decided to make only what is really needed, the life of our products start with our customers order.
We work tirelessly to test the durability and performance of every product.


Reusability and recyclability


All our fabric waste is reused to create Zero Waste accessories and stamp our labels and swing tags.
We are re-using every tiny little piece of fabric left over to make accessories and create unique textiles.
We offer repairs, when possible, and we will take back the products when they will reach the autumn of their life and transform them into a new textile using the technique of quilting. We work hard on keeping our products away from landfill.

We offer a Hat Dresser service to give a new life to your beloved hat, even if you bought it somewhere else. Please consult our Hat dressing menu for more information.


Sustainable materials

Most of our products are 100% Plastic-free and Biodegradable. We source our fabric form BCI certified UK mills. Our rainwear creations are made by 100% cotton, coated with a vegan wax that makes it water repellent.

For linings we use dead stock natural fabrics. The buttons are made by Corozo nut, also known as ''Vegetable Ivory''.

All the materials we use for our Millinery Collection are sustainably sourced or made by dead stock fabrics.

We only use compostable Eco-friendly packaging made from recycled materials.


Making process

There are no factories involved in our production process: everything is handmade on-demand in our London studio. Sustainability policy and transparency is key when we choose our suppliers. They are all UK based: this is fundamental to reduce as much as we can our carbon footprint.